The contact form is not working / loading. Same for the Map.

I’ll release an update but you can do the change directly in the templates / custom folder in the file contact.php :

replace all instances of $options by $cnc_options (line 15 -> 21)

/* using google recaptcha */ <br>global $options; <br>$usecaptcha = $options->get('recaptcha_use'); <br>$publickey = $options->get('recaptcha_publickey'); <br>$privatekey = $options->get('recaptcha_privatekey'); $recaptchatheme = $options->get('recaptcha_theme');

to be replaced by

/* using google recaptcha */ <br>global $cnc_options; <br>$usecaptcha = $cnc_options->get('recaptcha_use'); <br>$publickey = $cnc_options->get('recaptcha_publickey'); $privatekey = $cnc_options->get('recaptcha_privatekey'); $recaptchatheme = $cnc_options->get('recaptcha_theme');