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demo installation


  • MattandJill started the conversation

    Hi there, I also posted this email in the PRIVATE posts, but wanted to put it in the public as well. 

    I went through all the steps thoroughly (from IMPORT-DOCUMENTATION.html) and double checked everything, but the demo is not functioning. 

    http://livinghopechurch.net is where the demo is installed, but NOT FUNCTIONING. How can I get the demo like this: 

    http://coffeeandcream.ocholabs.com/wp/ installed?



  • Quentin replied

    Hi Matt, 

    Please send me the URL of your website (I think that I got it) + a working admin login & password.

    I'll take a look at it for you.



  • MattandJill replied

    Hi Quentin,

    The private ticket has all the info in it: http://ocholabs.ticksy.com/ticket/341689

    If you provide me with your email address I can also send you the Wordpress and FTP login info.

    My email is puritan21@gmail.com

    Thanks so much!


  • MattandJill replied

    Did you get the info? I posted this three days ago?  Thanks so much.  Just checking back.  Much appreciated and Happy New Year.

  • MattandJill replied

    Nevermind, I couldn't keep waiting. I chose another theme. Thanks.